Labour Law Practitioners and Regulatory Compliances

Our Services

M R CONSULTANT provide the following various kind of services to their esteemed clients as per schedule employment and industries.

  • Labour Law Consulting & Management Services
  • Regulatory Compliances as per schedule employment
  • Employees Benefits and Compensations
  • Licensing and Business Registration (ESIC, EPF, MLWF, PTRC, PTEC, DIC, MPCB, RC, Labour License)
  • Assessment of Social Security Laws and Liabilities
  • Employer and Employment Claims
  • Government Affairs and Closure of Inspections
  • Training of Labour Laws and Anti Sexual Awareness Programs
  • Statutory Audits and Compliances Management
  • Proceeding of State Government and Central Government
  • GAP assessment of compliances of Principle employer
  • Practicing in Professional Tax, Legal Metrology, Director of Industries
  • Electricity Exemption Duties for Corporates
  • Proceeding of the exemption under Labour Laws